Format of the final exam

Date: Friday 15 April 2011
Time: 2pm–5pm (3 hours)
Location: SS 1070

(NB that the above listing is not your official source of exam schedule information, and no rights can be derived from it. Please find the official place and time via the official channel.)

The exam will consist of four parts:

  1. Translation of seen verse: choose two out of four passages for a total of 24% of the mark (12% each);
  2. Translation of seen prose: one passage, no choice (12%);
  3. Translation of unseen prose, with the aid of a glossary: translate two out of two passages for a total of 50% of the mark (25% each);
  4. Questions: choose seven out of nine questions for a total of 14% of the mark (2% each). The answers will range in desired length from a few words to a few sentences. The subject matter will largely be cultural-historical, though some questions may pertain to language. All of the questions concern matters brought up in class at some point during the year, but reading through set readings, the grammar and historical sections of the textbook, and introductions to the texts will help you prepare for most questions, though not all, if you have missed a few classes.