Translation of readings not covered in class

Wed 29 Sep: #3, 89–107

Why don't you fish on the sea?

Sometimes I do, but seldom, because it is a lot of rowing to the sea for me.

What do you catch on the sea?

Herring, and salmon, and sturgeon, and lobster, and crab, and many other fish [NB all plurals in OE].

Do you want to catch a whale?

Not I!


Because it is a great risk to catch a whale. It is a lesser risk for me to go to the river with my boat rather than going on the whale hunt with many ships.

Why so?

Because it is preferable to me to catch a fish that I can kill rather than catch a fish that is able to sink or kill not just myself but also my companions with a single blow.

And yet there are many who catch whales and escape those dangers, and obtain great wealth thereby.

You speak the truth; but I dare not because I am cowardly.