Translation of readings not covered in class

Wed 6 Oct: #3, 127–149

But there are many who feed the tamed ones during the summer, so that they may have them ready afterwards.

Yes, they do. But I don't want to be in such toil with them, because I can catch other ones--not just one, but many.

What do you say, merchant?

I say that I am very useful to the king, and to the chieftains, and to the wealthy, and to the entire people.


I board my ship with my cargo, and I travel across the sea, and I sell my goods, and buy valuable goods that are not produced in this country, and I bring it [note the change in number] here to you across the sea at great risk; and sometimes I suffer shipwreck, so that all my goods are lost to me [note impersonal construction with dative], and I myself barely escape alive.

What goods do you bring here to us across the sea?

Robes, silk, rare clothes, herbal mixtures, copper, silver, glass, and many other things.

Do you want to sell your goods here in the country against the same price at which you bought it out there?

Not I! what would my toil benefit me then? But I want to sell them here at a higher price than I bought them for there, so that I may obtain some wealth for myself, with which I may feed myself and my wife and my child/ren.