Quiz 6

Mon 25 Oct 2010

From the strong verb cheatsheet: given the second, third, and fourth principal parts (i.e. the last three columns on the sheet) of the verbs starting in b, c, and d (i.e. bēodan up to and including drincan), be able to produce their infinitive, and also give the verb class and translation. That is all you need to do for this week's quiz (you won't even be quizzed on the regular vocabulary), but don't underestimate the amount of work!

bād, bidon, biden: bīdan, class 1 'wait'
cōm, cōmon, cumen: cuman, class 4 'come'

NB it helps to learn the strong verbs in conjunction with ยง94 from the textbook or, even better, p. 12 of the f03c slides.