Translation of readings covered in class

For those of you unable to make it through today's weather, below is a translation of the texts covered. This being poetry, sometimes multiple readings are possible, but make sure you know what is going on grammatically!

Wed 2 Feb: #12, 122–148

Thus the resolute men stood firm; Byrhtnoth exhorted them, told each of the warriors who wished to obtain glory by fighting the Danes to give thought to battle. One hard in battle then went, he raised up his weapon, [raised] his shield for protection, and stepped towards the warrior [i.e. towards Byrhtnoth]. The earl likewise went towards the yeoman resolute; each of them meant the other harm. Then the Viking sent a southern spear, so that the lord of the warriors was wounded; he then pushed with the shield, so that the shaft burst asunder, and the spear broke into fragments [or: and he caused the spear to spring], so that the spear sprang back. The warrior [i.e. Byrhtnoth] was enraged; with a spear he stabbed the proud viking who had given him that wound. The warrior was old; he let his frankish spear go throug the young man's neck, his hand guided [it] so that he won the life of that sudden attacker. Then he quickly threw a second, so that the mailcoat burst; he was wounded in the chest through the coat of mail, a poisoned speartip stood at his heart. The earl was the happier [for it], he then laughed, the brave man, gave thanks to God for the day's work which the Lord had given him.

Wed 2 Feb: #14, 1–34

Listen! I want to tell the best of dreams, that which befell me in the middle of the night, when people lay at rest. It seemed to me that I saw a wondrous tree lifted into the air [or: towering in the air], wound about with light, the brightest of trees. The entire beacon was covered with gold; fair gems stood at the corners of the earth; five also there were up on the crossbeam. All those who are beautiful through eternal creation beheld the angel of the Lord there. There was no gallows of a wicked one there indeed, but holy souls beheld it there, men on the earth and all this brilliant creation. The tree of victory was wondrous, and I [was] stained with sins, wounded with blemishes. I saw the tree of glory, adorned with clothes, shining joyfully, decorated with gold; gems had honourably covered the tree of the Lord. Nevertheless I was able to see the ancient strife of wretched ones through the gold, so that it began first to sweat [or: bleed] on the right-hand side. I was entirely troubled with sorrows; I was afraid on account of the beautiful sight, I saw the ?brilliant beacon turn its clothes and colours: at times it was dampened with moisture, drenched with the flow of sweat [or: blood], at times it was decked with treasure. Nevertheless I, lying there for a long time, beheld sorrowful the saviour's tree, until I heard that it spoke; the best tree then began to speak words: 'It was a long time ago--I still remember it--that I was struck down at the edge of the forest, removed from my stem. Strong enemies took hold of me there, made [me] into a spectacle. They ordered me to raise up their criminals. Men bore me on their shoulders there, until they set me down on a hill; many enemies fastened me there. Then I saw the Lord of mankind hastening with great courage, that he might ascend me.'