Material for the grammar test

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Mon 6 Dec 2010

If that looks overwhelming, don't panic. Essentially, you will need to learn most of the material you prepared for the weekly quizzes and a little more. You will be required to write out some paradigms and parse some verbs and noun phrases in isolation or in context, but you may also get the occasional theoretical grammar question (e.g. "give one example of the effects of i-mutation in nouns, and one in verbs"). However, most points will be awarded for practical grammar (parsing and paradigms) and vocabulary. You will not have to memorize the vowel gradation of all the verbs on the strong verb cheatsheet; instead, you will focus on the regular gradation of classes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 as represented by the list of straightforward strong verbs of those classes (see under f03c above).

Thus although you should be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of all aspects of the language listed above, above all you should be able to